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SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank

SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank

  • SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank
SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou City
Brand Name: QIMENG
Certification: MAKA
Model Number: Kitchen waste fermentation tank
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: One set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 15-30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C
Supply Ability: fifteen set per month
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SS304 Kitchen Waste Fermentation Tank


SS304 fermentation equipment


SS304 fast fermenter

Kitchen waste fermentation tank



Kitchen waste reactor is also called kitchen waste fermentation tank, which is a new type of closed intelligent environmental protection organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. Kitchen waste has the dual characteristics of waste and resource, and organic matter in kitchen waste can be decomposed and utilized through human kitchen waste fermentation tank. After 15 days of continuous aerobic fermentation in a closed fermentation tank, organic solid waste is processed into high-quality organic fertilizer that can be used for crops after microbial fermentation, deodorization and maturity.



Kitchen waste fermentation tank usage:


Kitchen waste contains starch, food fiber, fat, protein and other organic substances, which are easy to ferment and stink. If it is not properly managed, it is easy to cause environmental pollution. Kitchen waste is very harmful to the environment and people, and is an important pollution source of urban environment, the problem of posing a threat to people's normal life and physical health has attracted great attention of the government and extensive attention of people.



SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank 0


Working Principle of kitchen waste fermentation tank:


The reproduction of aerobic microorganisms needed in the fermentation process is affected by the surrounding environment. Air supply is continuously supplied at the lower and upper parts of the kitchen waste fermentation tank, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the state of the kitchen fermentation tank, create a good environment suitable for the reproduction of aerobic microorganisms to make them reproduce vigorously. At the same time, due to the existence of stirring leaves, the ventilation is improved, thus ensuring the uniformity of product quality.


SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank 1


Kitchen waste fermentation tank structure:


The kitchen waste fermentation tank adopts a vertical closed tank structure, which saves the floor space and reduces the area requirement of equipment installation.


The whole equipment structure is divided into three parts, and the lower base part is distributed with hydraulic station, fan and high thrust hydraulic stirring shaft, etc.


The middle part is the double-layer heat insulation tank, the automatic control system of the equipment, the unilateral base Fertilizer export device and so on. The inner wall of the tank adopts 304 stainless steel lining, which can effectively prolong the life of the tank and reduce the residue of the rotten clinker, there is a insulation layer filled with polyurethane foaming agent in the middle (the thickness can be customized according to the regional environment), and the outer wall is supported by thickened steel plates.


The upper part consists of wind canopy, detection platform, exhaust facilities and other devices. The heat exchange device can make full use of the naturally generated high-temperature gas inside the tank to heat the inhaled air preliminarily, thus improving the energy utilization rate, ensuring the fermentation effect and reducing the power consumption of the equipment, achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.


Auxiliary equipment includes automatic bucket elevator, exhaust gas filtration system and other devices.





SS304 Kitchen Waste Industrial Fermentation Tank 2


What are the advantages of kitchen waste fermentation tanks?


1. The inside of the tank is equipped with insulation layer, and the temperature of the tank is less affected by the outside world, so as to ensure that the materials are fermented all the year round and the fermentation is fast, and organic fertilizer can be produced within 7 days;


2. Hydraulic drive ensures the full load operation of decomposed materials in the tank, ensures safe and reliable operation and low maintenance cost;


3. The contact part between the inside of the fermentation tank and chicken manure is all made of 304 stainless steel plate, which can prevent corrosion and prolong the service life of the fermentation tank;


4. The tank body of the fermentation tank adopts a fully enclosed design. After the waste gas produced by fermentation is treated by the waste gas treatment system, there is no odor generated, thus avoiding secondary pollution.



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