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Full Auto 8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine

Full Auto 8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine

  • Full Auto 8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine
Full Auto 8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou City
Brand Name: QIMENG
Certification: MAKA
Model Number: Production line of bio-organic fertilizer
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: One set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 15-30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C
Supply Ability: fifteen set per month
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8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine


8TH organic fertilizer equipment

Production line of bio-organic fertilizer



The so-called production line of bio-organic fertilizer is actually the production line of ordinary organic fertilizer. The main reason for distinguishing biology from ordinary is that the production line of bio-organic fertilizer adds a link of adding microbial inoculants during production, as a result, organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer were finally produced.


This production link is organic fertilizer fermentation. In order to better explain the difference between the two, we first understand the difference between organic fertilizer production process and bio-organic fertilizer production process.


Process flow of organic fertilizer production line:

Raw material collection -- Raw material stacking fermentation -- crushing -- sifting -- premixing -- granulation -- drying -- cooling -- sifting -- Packaging


Full Auto 8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine 0


Process flow of bio-organic fertilizer production line:


Raw material collection -- adding organic fertilizer starter biological fermentation -- organic fertilizer semi-finished product fermentation completed -- crushing -- sifting -- premixing -- granulation -- drying -- cooling -- sifting -- Packaging


Full Auto 8TH Bio Fertilizer Making Machine 1




From the above two organic fertilizer production processes, we can see that fermentation is the first and most important link in organic fertilizer production, because, the final use effect of the produced organic fertilizer lies in this link. In the early organic fertilizer fermentation, people mostly adopted the method of natural fermentation after piling up production raw materials, which could also produce organic fertilizer, but there were many disadvantages and the utilization rate of fertilizer was relatively low. In order to solve these problems, some researchers finally came up with organic fertilizer starter through repeated research and experiments. The young product after adding organic fertilizer starter is bio-organic fertilizer. What is the specific difference between organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer? Let's read it down.


What are the disadvantages of traditional organic fertilizer:


First of all, the traditional organic fertilizer stacking method takes a long time and generally takes more than 1 month;


Secondly, in the process of natural fermentation, nutrient loss is relatively serious, resulting in great waste;


Thirdly, in the traditional stacking process, the odor is relatively large, which pollutes the environment;


Fourthly, the naturally fermented fertilizer is generally "dirty", "sticky" and "smelly", which is inconvenient to use and easy to cause root burning and seedling burning;


Fifth, the organic fertilizer piled by traditional methods contains a large number of miscellaneous bacteria, which not only consumes nutritional resources effectively, but also is the main source of infection for crop infection diseases.


What are the advantages of bio-organic fertilizer produced by adding organic fertilizer starter:


1, organic fertilizer starter effective viable bacteria number is more than 12 billion/G. It is mainly composed of more than a dozen single bacteria such as bacteria and fungi, which do not antagonize each other and act cooperatively. Can handle all kinds of organic materials, non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free.


2. After adding organic fertilizer starter into organic fertilizer production raw materials, a variety of microbial flora in organic fertilizer starter can strongly decompose fungi, bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast, bacteria composed of various natural beneficial microorganisms such as Actinomycetes have extremely strong aerobic fermentation decomposition ability.


3. Organic fertilizer starter the fermentation type belongs to aerobic fermentation, which is placed in the open sky during the fermentation process and turned over after heating up, which can save both Labor and Labor, and also reduce the cost.


4. Generally, only 1 kilogram of organic fertilizer starter is needed to ferment 10 tons of organic fertilizer materials, which can rapidly heat up, deodorize and carry out harmless treatment at normal temperature (above 15℃), generally, it warms up in 24-48 hours, deodorizes in 2-3 days, finishes harmless treatment in 5-7 days, and completely decomposes into fertilizer in 12-15 days. All wastes can be turned into green and pollution-free bio-organic fertilizer.


5. What is the content of miscellaneous bacteria after fermentation. The example proves that the organic fertilizer fermented by organic fertilizer starter is much less than the mixed bacteria produced by the fermentation of similar products at home and abroad, compared with similar products, the organic fertilizer fermented with organic fertilizer starter significantly reduces the incidence of plant diseases and insect pests.


6. Many functions and good effect. Organic fertilizer starter not only has a strong maturing effect on organic materials, but also produces a large number of functional bacteria and various specific metabolites in the fermentation process. The bio-organic fertilizer produced can stimulate the growth and development of crops, improve the resistance to disease, drought and cold of crops. After functional bacteria enter the soil, they can fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus and potassium, increase soil nutrients, improve soil structure and improve fertilizer utilization.


7. Promote the mineralization and humification of organic materials. After the material is mineralized, the nutrient changes from ineffective state and slow-acting state to effective state and quick-acting state; After humification, a large amount of humic acid is produced to stimulate the growth of crops.


After knowing the disadvantages of traditional organic fertilizer and the advantages of bio-organic fertilizer produced by adding organic fertilizer starter, we can find that the market prospect of bio-organic fertilizer is much higher than that of ordinary organic fertilizer, however, the cost of additional input is very small. An ordinary organic fertilizer production line immediately became a better bio-organic fertilizer production line.

Maybe someone will ask: how hard it takes me to mix so many raw materials for organic fertilizer production with organic fertilizer starter! Don't worry, this is not the case, the organic fertilizer production line manufacturers have launched organic fertilizer tipper and organic fertilizer tipper. Everyone only needs to have these two organic fertilizer equipment. One is that no matter how many organic fertilizer raw materials you have, they can be processed quickly. In addition, it can also improve the fermentation efficiency.

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