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8t/H 75kw Flat Die Extrusion Granulator

8t/H 75kw Flat Die Extrusion Granulator

  • 8t/H 75kw Flat Die Extrusion Granulator
8t/H 75kw Flat Die Extrusion Granulator
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou City
Brand Name: QIMENG
Certification: MAKA
Model Number: Flat die extrusion granulator
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: One set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 15-30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C
Supply Ability: fifteen set per month
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Flat Die Extrusion Granulator


75kw Extrusion Granulator


8tH Extrusion Granulator

Flat die extrusion granulator


1. Advantages of flat die extrusion granulator equipment


1.1. The project has low investment, short equipment process, less land occupation, fast start-up, flexible installation, simple operation, low energy consumption, high power efficiency and high output, the process of low-temperature extrusion particle below 60 degrees Celsius is adopted: the molding rate of one-time extrusion granulation reaches more than 90%, and there is no material return and no screening. As long as the water content of the raw material formula is appropriate, there is generally no need for drying equipment. (If the extruded granular finished product needs to accelerate the natural cooling, it can be installed with a cooling machine) then the packaging can be measured. Particle compressive strength is greater than 8 Newton.


1.2. The equipment has compact structure and stable quality, and is suitable for 24-hour continuous work. Flat die and roller adopt the latest thread clearance adjustment device, which can reduce the excessive wear of flat die and roller. Compared with the traditional gasket method, the service life of flat die and roller is increased by about 30%, which is very popular among users.


2. Application of flat die extrusion granulator


2.1 This machine is mainly used for particle processing in (biological) organic fertilizer and aquaculture processing industry.


2.2. The surface of the processed granular material is bright and clean, and its hardness is moderate. In the process of processing, the temperature rises low and the nutrients inside the raw material can be well maintained.


2.3. Because the water content of particles is low and easy to store, the utilization rate of materials is greatly improved.


3. Process Characteristics of flat die extrusion granulator:
The flat die granulator adopts universal joint, and the differential speed is connected with the motor. When working, the mixed powdery materials are added into the hopper without heating or drying. After one extrusion molding, the surface of processed particles is smooth, the internal ripening permeates, and the material is squeezed to the bottom through the grinding wheel and then cut off by the scraper, which has the characteristics of no material return, high particle strength, low moisture content, etc.


4. Working principle of flat die extrusion granulator
The working principle of this series of flat die granulator is that the electric motor drives the belt and belt pulley, which are transmitted to the driving shaft through the speed reducer, and is synchronized with the passive shaft through the split gear, and works in the opposite direction. The materials are added from the feeding Hopper, formed by roller extrusion, demouluded to make balls, and transferred to the crushing sieve studio through a pair of chains, sieving and separating finished particles (balls), then return the material to mix with the new material, and then conduct granulation. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials, mass production can be realized.


5. Structure of flat die extrusion granulator
Machine structure divided into four parts (as shown in the following illustration)


8t/H 75kw Flat Die Extrusion Granulator 0

(Figure: structure of organic fertilizer flat die extrusion granulator)



5.1. Rack part: All the working bodies of the machine are installed and fixed on the rack. The racks of this machine are all made of medium carbon steel plate and channel steel welding, and through strict quality control and specific process requirements, the purpose of this machine is achieved. Hoisting holes are set in the middle of the four corners of the rack, for loading and unloading transportation.


5.2. Transmission connection part: the motor drives the belt pulley, triangle belt and speed reducer to drive and make the handpiece work. In addition, the transmission chain composed of sprocket and chain is transmitted to the crushing and separation working part. Among them, the driving reducer and the working part of the handpiece are driven by the meshing of nylon pin coupling.


5.3. The working part of the handpiece: The transmission wheel is transmitted to the transmission roller shaft through the pin coupling, and the synchronous operation of the opposite roller is guaranteed by a pair of open gears. There are specific bearings on both sides of the active and passive shafts, which are composed of bearing frames, installed on the rack.


5.4. The working part of crushing and separating: the material flows to the lower crushing room after being squeezed by the roller, and the ball particles and the returned material can be separated by the rotation of the biaxial Wolf rod.


Technical parameters of flat die extrusion granulator:


Model Diameter Water content Strength Yield Power Weight Granulation rate Overall dimensions
RYZL-37 5-10 5-30 ≥8 1.3-4 37kw 1.6t ≥90 1.8*0.8*1.2
RYZL-55 5-10 5-30 ≥8 2.0-6 55kw 3t ≥90 2.45*1.05*1.7
RYZL-75 5-10 5-30 ≥8 2.5-8 75kw 3.5t ≥90 2.6*1.05*1.7


7. Installation and debugging of flat die extrusion granulator


7.1. Installation: After the granulator arrives at the factory, take the granulator as the main engine, depending on the number of units, and cooperate with the process flow chart to install, find out the elevation and place horizontally, the rack of this machine has corner holes, can be installed on concrete (solid vibration is not large and does not need to be very firm concrete foundation).


7.2. Debugging:


(1) adjustment of pressure roller clearance:
In production, it is sometimes necessary to increase the output or bite angle. At this time, the distance between the two compression shafts can be increased, and the distance between the active shaft roller and the passive shaft can be increased. The steps are as follows: Stop the Machine, remove the rack above the two bearing seats, and adjust the adjusting plate between the two bearing seats to the required thickness. The rollers cannot collide with each other between the two rollers, and the minimum should be kept between 0.3-1mm.


(2) alignment adjustment of the ball Nest: The ball nest is formed by combining the pits on the main roller surface, so there are problems of axial alignment and circumferential alignment;


(3) axial alignment: it has been adjusted during installation. Generally speaking, it is unlikely to be adjusted. When adjustment is needed, tighten or loosen the gland on both sides of the passive bearing seat, so as to push the eccentric sleeve displacement to correspond to the active shaft roller.


(4) the steps of axial alignment: loosen the 6 connecting bolts of the passive gear and the adjusting sleeve to slightly disengage the adjusting sleeve and the passive gear, since the design has considered the adjustment amount of a ball pit and is equipped with two adjustment bolts, the dislocation can be adjusted no matter how much the dislocation is. Because the ball socket is too small, the paper box board should be placed between the two rolls when adjusting. After rolling, it can be seen whether the adjustment achieves the purpose. After matching, you can tighten 8 connecting bolts.


8. Daily maintenance of flat die extrusion granulator


8.1. The machine should be started without load, and it is strictly prohibited to start with materials.


8.2. It is strictly prohibited to enter the materials with objects in order to avoid breaking the roller.


8.3. Apply yellow and dry oil to the gear before starting up.


8.4. Apply yellow and dry oil to the chain and sprocket every 7 days.


8.5. The bearing seat should be injected or replaced with new yellow dry oil every three months.


8.6. Before using the reducer, gear oil must be added once before production and use can be carried out, and gear oil should be changed every four months.


8.7. Vulnerable parts of flat die granulator: rolling bearing, Template, roller and scraper




9. Precautions for use of flat die extrusion granulator


9.1. When using, it should be noted that there should be no hard objects such as stones and iron blocks in the raw materials, which will cause damage to the roller and template. The roller needs to be disassembled after working for more than ten shifts (every 8 hours), and the bearing should be added with high temperature resistant grease to prolong the service life of the bearing.


9.2. Idling contact between the roller and the template is strictly prohibited during granulation.


9.3. If there is no granulation or material output during granulation, the template should be removed to clean the hole.


9.4, should often check the gearbox oil quantity and whether there is oil leakage phenomenon. Replace gear oil every 720 hours of work.








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